Travel to summer with the turquoise Maori Symbols!

After a long winter, everyone wants to feel the summer and surround themselves with its bright colors. You are so drawn to plunge into the turquoise waters of the ocean and feel its coolness on yourself. The original Enata pendant of the Maori Symbols line will send you on this long-awaited journey to the summer.

The fashion trend of this summer is hot enamel of turquoise color! This mysterious and incredibly inspiring color can’t but embellish any attractive and beautiful woman and give her look a touch of sophistication.

The turquoise Maori Symbols ring relaxes with its exotic coolness. Brilliant hot enamel with a sea wave fills the decorative hollows of the jewelry pieces, going beyond their sandy borders. The original design of the ring is noteworthy.

The Maori Symbols jewelry line of intriguing and adventurous turquoise color is ideal for club life and social events. Therefore, Giverola jewelry is a frequent guest at the most elegant dinner parties and VIP events.

The Maori Symbol bracelet will help you stand out from the crowd and become more visible. Turquoise enamel will create the basis for unique combinations and color solution, outrageous and surprisingly vibrant fashion statements.

The luxurious and confident turquoise color perfectly emphasizes the individuality and character of each owner of the Maori Symbols jewelry line. It is strong on its own. Its endless beauty makes your every appearance unforgettable.

The turquoise color also perfectly soothes and refreshes. It conveys the spirit of sea freedom and the bright colors of summer. Start your summer with the Maori Symbols – Koru pendant, a symbol of a new beginning, and fill your journey with positive energy.

The bright turquoise jewelry enamel will send you to a delightful tropical paradise, filled with bliss. The uniqueness and mystery of these places, the gentle sun, turquoise water will inspire and fill you with new forces.

Manta Ray as a protective symbol of the Maori people will give you a sense of calm and inner harmony.

So, start your traveling in the turquoise ocean, create your own amazing story with Giverola jewelry!

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