Terms and conditions

Recommendations for the care of Giverola jewelery

Giverola guarantees the high quality of the materials used in this jewelry:

Giverola jewelry is truly unique pieces of jewelry that require specific care and treatment.

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Giverola is not responsible for any damage resulting from improper usage, negligence or lack of care.

To preserve the beauty of your jewelry piece as long as possible, we recommend the following precautions:

The bright handmade inserts of hot enamel rather fragile, therefore, require careful handling.

Try to avoid excessive friction of jewelry parts. Any mechanical impact and knock can damage precious enamel and scratch the gold plating.

We advise you to take off the jewelry masterpieces Giverola before bedtime, when performing any types of work and to prevent its contact with water.

If necessary, Giverola jewelry should be delicately cleaned with a soft,dry cloth. fake rolex kaufen

We recommend you to wear Giverola jewelry separate from other jewelry to prevent possible scratches, signs of wear or damage.

Giverola jewelry should be kept separate from other pieces. Store it in a dark and dry place.

These simple recommendations will allow your jewelry to remain shine for a long time and delight you with its brilliance.

Sizes of our rings

13 =  Ø 16,8 mm
15 =  Ø 17,4 mm
16 =  Ø 17,8 mm
18 =  Ø 18,4 mm
19 =  Ø 18,7 mm