Online business meetings have shifted the emphasis of office wardrobe to jewelry.

Do you work online?! Then it is important for you to look stylish and presentable in order to attract the interest of the customers and the admiration of your colleagues who draw attention to every detail.
Giverola jewelry will make your look perfect. They surprise with the original design and look advantageous in the frame. Bright enamels attract the eye and help to create nice videos. Unique jewelry masterpieces are handmade in small batches – you can be sure of your unique look!

We are what we wear. Today, when communication opportunities are limited to the webcams, it is the jewelry that is becoming a determining element in the formation of an authoritative and stylish image of a competent business woman.

Giverola’s unique jewelry is able to speak without words and hold eyes with the unmistakable purity of forms and the play of light on bright enamel framed in metal. The intricate interweaving patterns show the wisdom of ancient cultures and fascinating depth of the mysteries of nature. Giverola jewelers masterfully embody them in their creations.

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