Koru Pendant

Koru Pendant is like a drop of the immense Pacific Ocean, which turquoise waters carefully envelop Polynesian Paradise. You want to drown in it, you want to surrender to its strength, it refreshes and awakens you …

Allow yourself to plunge headlong into the lagoon of bright colors of these amazing places, wearing the magic Koru pendant.

The Polynesian tribe Maori believed that with the help of symbols one can change their lives for the better. They tattooed the symbol of Koru on the bodies in order to fill themselves with energy and vitality before a long and dangerous voyage.

Unusual and original Koru pendant is ideal for those who are eager for change and ready for adventure. Symbolizing infinity and harmony, it will bring peace and balance to your life. The swirling sprout of a fern as a waterfall of hot enamel will take you to its center, return you to the very beginning and bring the onset of a new life phase.