Koru pendant

The premium jewelry masterpieces of Giverola demonstrate is unsurpassed quality of handmade work and the outpouring of positive energy and elegant beauty. Difficult to produce the models are born in hands of outstanding jewelers. The design of each model is developed taking into account the details of Maori symbols which lead to success, good luck and well-being of each owner of jewelry masterpiece. We present you 3D model the elegant, sophisticated and exuding in sense of fake rolex lightness Koru pendant designed in minimalist style. The pendant is exquisite embodiment of individuality and character. The hot enamel gives the pendant its special shine and uniqueness. Sparkling it highlights the beauty of 24 carat gold plating, thus creating the bright and vivid effect. The jewelry piece is covered with one of four magnificent enamel colors – white pearl, royal purple, turquoise and blue.

The Koru pendant has the shape of early morning dew drop. Its front side represents the famous Maori symbol, the Koru spiral. The twisted sprout of fern means the beginning of a new life full of energy and fresh ideas. Having absorbed the strength of Maori spiral, the Koru pendant gives the way for creative energy, revealing our hidden talents. rolex podróbka

It favors our most daring undertakings, personal and spiritual growth, whilst also helping us to find our inner harmony and not to stray from the right course.

The back side of the Koru pendant has the traditional Maori pattern. The unusual weaving of gold threads resembles a sea wave, and the unmatched design creates the illusion of a fresh breeze: gusts of tropical wind penetrate right into the very heart of this jewelry piece. www.hublotwatchesinfo.com

The original logo of brand, the Giverola turtle, is also engraved on the reverse side of the pendant. www.onurbakiner.com

The convenient lock will allow you to wear the pendant on a chain or a cord and if necessary easily take it off it without touching the chain lock itself.

By fascinating with its elegance and mystique, the Koru pendant will be a great gift to your loved one. We are sure that no girl could ever resist this exquisite source of vital energy and inspiration. https://www.iwatchs.es/

Follow the link to control the 3D model of pendant and carefully look at from angles: https://goo.gl/PR4F6R