Koru pendant

The premium jewelry masterpieces of Giverola demonstrate is unsurpassed quality of handmade work and the outpouring of positive energy and elegant beauty. Difficult to produce the models are born in hands of outstanding jewelers. The design of each model is developed taking into account the details of Maori symbols which lead to success, good luck […]

“Manta Ray”

The unique connection of the Maori tribe with the marine world gave us the jewelry line “Manta Ray”. Each piece of this line consists of patterns that resemble the mystical inhabitant of the deep sea – the ray. Clear gold plated silver lines and transparent hot enamel create an enchanting play of light that emphasizes […]

Maori Symbols

The magnificence of the Polynesian islands is difficult to describe in words, it must be felt: evergreen tropics, coconut palms, incredible coral reefs, white sand and endless ocean. Nature has created a dream that will awaken any imagination. Could you find  anything more beautiful in the world than to meet the dawn in this paradise? […]

Koru Pendant

Koru Pendant is like a drop of the immense Pacific Ocean, which turquoise waters carefully envelop Polynesian Paradise. You want to drown in it, you want to surrender to its strength, it refreshes and awakens you … Allow yourself to plunge headlong into the lagoon of bright colors of these amazing places, wearing the magic […]

Bora Bora

The jewelry masterpieces “Giverola” are also unique, as the islands of Polynesia, scattered in the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean. Creating picturesque lagoons of fabulous beauty, sparkling azure waters gently surround every island. Polynesia seems like a piece of paradise on Earth, far away from the whole world. One of the most famous islands […]

Manta Ray pendant

Creating this jewelry masterpiece – the pendant of MantaRay line. we have tried to represent a volcano erupting a lava of hot enamel, which rapidly fills the clear gold lines and geometric patterns of the partitions. It instantly solidifies in them and gives a refined and unique shine to the pendant, which may vary depending […]


The collection “Polynesia” – are not just jewelry pieces – it is an art that reveals the inner unity of man and nature. We believe that jewelry can speak, emphasize your spirit and lay bare your heart. The collection “Polynesia” was inspired by the wonderful world of traditions, beliefs and myths of the Maori people. […]

Our turtle Giverola

After being born, a little turtle is moving towards the powerful ocean, which opens up a mysterious and unknown world to it. A tiny creature will overcome any obstacles hidden in the midst of the sea and will perfectly complement the beauty its depths. Before it begins its woderful journey, we would like to introduce […]