Bora Bora

The jewelry masterpieces “Giverola” are also unique, as the islands of Polynesia, scattered in the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean. Creating picturesque lagoons of fabulous beauty, sparkling azure waters gently surround every island. Polynesia seems like a piece of paradise on Earth, far away from the whole world.

One of the most famous islands of French Polynesia is the island of Bora Bora. Thanks to its beautiful pearl lagoon, it is considered to be the most romantic place on Earth. Even James Cook, the first European who visited this exotic island, could not resist its beauty and called it “the pearl of the Pacific Ocean”.

Every year the island of Bora Bora attracts tourists with its bright colors, white sand, luxurious coral gardens, lush vegetation and unbelievable landscapes. Its unique nature favors those who are in search of tranquility and relax.

The clear, pure turquoise water of these places, smoothly flowing into the sky, adds a special attraction to this mountainous island. Bora Bora encourages you to relax and enjoy life. Like a freedom-loving gull, soaring through the waves, take a canoe and go to explore the unknown valleys and hidden corners of the island.

Here you can find something that amazes you with its beauty – a glowing lagoon against a gray sky, incredible flowering of tropical plants, unusual patterns on white sand from the shades of palm trees, birds of bright color and diverse marine animal world …

The jewelry collection «Polynesia» embodies this gift of nature. Inspired by the fascinating landscapes of the island of Bora Bora, we have tried to convey the colors, atmosphere and uniqueness of these places in each piece of jewelry. We hope that they will move you to the island of your desires and you will feel in harmony with its nature.